Resmed S8 Lightweight CPAP Machine with Humidifier

Resmed S8 Lightweight CPAP Machine with Humidifier



Item is in stock, but you must call 1300 692727 to purchase

A humidified CPAP Machine that comes in a size you can fit in the palm of your hand!!

Delivering quiet, fixed CPAP therapy, with the additional benefit of adding integrated humidification at a later date.

Ramp setting allows you to select a time interval for the gradual commencement of CPAP therapy.

High-tech sound baffling makes the S8 Lightweight an extremely quiet device.

The S8 can be run from a 12volt battery by using the Resmed CD Converter (available Separately).

We have the S8 Lightweight in stock, however, to meet Resmed requirements we must use an "out-of-stock" message to ensure that you contact us when purchasing. Resmed requires that this product be picked up from one of our clinics to ensure proper patient education.

Please contact us if you have any queries (1300 69 2727)


Question 2: If the tap water contains ENDOTOXIN, will that hurt me?

Question 3: Can you use boiled tap water in the Resmed S8 Lightweight - I travel often and this would be incredibly convenient as distilled water isn't always easy to find and is heavy to carry..?

Question 4: Are the resmed s8 humidifiers sold at an extra price i.e resmed s8 autoset spirit with humidifier = $1590.00 or is the humidifier extra ?

Question 5: Is there a 'battery pack' I can attach to the S8 that allows me to use when camping?

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