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Ref Retimer

Re-Timer light therapy glasses can help improve your sleep by re-establishing a healthy sleep schedule.

Re-Timer uses light therapy, a natural solution, to re-program your body's sleep schedule. Re-Timer has been developed with 25 years of university research developed and proven to improve your sleep.1

Just wear your Re-Timer glasses for 30 minutes a day.

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Our body clock influences the timing of all our bodily rhythms: our sleeping and waking patterns, alertness, performance levels, and metabolism. These rhythms vary regularly (up and down) over a 24-hour cycle, and are influenced by light. To time these rhythms, photoreceptors in our eyes detect bright light.

Often, however, we do not receive the amount of daily bright light we need to maintain a well-timed body clock and natural energy levels. This can be due to working indoors, seeing too little sun during the long winter months, or deliberately avoiding the sun because of concern over UV rays. Indoor lighting is usually not sufficient to time our body clocks. The Re-Timer glasses were created to provide a portable and 100% UV-free light source.

Product features:

  • The light from Re-Timer glassess can be used to adjust your sleep cycle
  • Re-Timer can be used to help change when you sleep and wake. Ideal for travellers who need help combating jet lag, shift workers and overcoming a lack of natural light during long winter months
  • University developed based on 25 years research by world-renowned sleep psychologist Prof. Leon Lack and Dr Helen Wright at Flinders University


What is Light Therapy?

Light therapy (or phototherapy) involves exposure to specific wavelengths of light for a prescribed amount of time at a specific time of day.

Why is light important to our sleep rhythm?

When your eyes sense light, your body responds by being more awake and alert

If you do not receive light at the right times due to the winter months or lifestyle factors, this can confuse your circadian rhythm leaving you unable to sleep when you need to or contribute to a low mood experienced in winter. 


Light Therapy for Sleep

Light therapy is a natural solution to help you maintain a routine sleep cycle. Light therapy can also assist change the times you sleep and wake.

If you are unable to fall back to sleep after waking early in the morning (advanced sleep phase) or have difficulty falling asleep at the beginning of the night (delayed sleep phase) Re-Timer can help adjust sleep back to your preferred time. 

When your eyes detect bright light, your body responds by being more awake and alert. This process also helps your body to understand when it’s time to sleep. Re-Timer light therapy glasses use light to help you maintain a consistent sleep–wake rhythm.

How does Re-Timer help sleep?

Re-Timer naturally helps you adjust back to your preferred sleep time. 

Difficulty falling asleep may be the result of a delayed body clock. Thirty minutes of Re-Timer in the morning will assist you in falling asleep earlier.  

Waking too early may be the result of an early-timed body clock. Thirty minutes of Re-Timer use in the evening, shortly before going to bed will assist you in waking up later, and possibly sleeping longer. 

How does Re-Timer help beat Jet Lag?

Jet lag is caused by a misalignment between your sleep rhythm (internal body clock) and your destination time. When you travel across time zones, your body doesn’t know whether to be awake or asleep. This causes you to feel jet lagged.

Re-Timer can help. 

If you’re travelling east you will find it harder to fall asleep at night. Wearing Re-Timer in the morning will help you to fall asleep earlier.

If you’re travelling west you will often feel tired too early. You will experience interrupted sleep, waking throughout the night and trouble remaining asleep. Wearing Re-Timer in the evening will help you adjust back to your normal sleep patterns.

Re-Timer is the travel habit of elite athletes, executives and holiday travellers around the world. 

How does Re-Timer help with Shift Work?

Shift work can leave you feeling permanently jet lagged.

If you are a shift worker Re-Timer can help you with your night shift. Re-Timer can help you feel awake at work and adjust back to your normal sleep pattern when you get home.

Wearing Re-Timer for 30 minutes per day will:

  • start adjusting your sleep time before your first night shift
  • help you stay awake at work
  • enable you to wake up earlier on your days off, and
  • help shift the time you feel most tired out of your shift (i.e. from the early hours of the morning to the time you get home and want to go to sleep)..

How does Re-Timer help to beat long winters?

Long Winters is a low mood related to shorter days and reduced sunlight exposure in the winter months. Lack of light can lead to loss of energy, weight gain and difficulty concentrating.

Re-Timer can help.

When your eyes receive light, it sends a signal to your body which helps you feel awake and alert. Using light therapy can have a positive effect on your mood and can leave you feeling more energized.


Product specifications

Re-Timer comes with a premium embossed travel case, a USB cable for convenient re-charging, a long lasting lithium ion battery and a 1-year warranty.

200 x 140 x 55 mm. One size fits all.
75 grams (product only)
Lighting technology
4 Light-emitting diodes (LEDs), 0.1 watts, diffuser cover technology
Light spectrum intensity
  • Green-blue 500 nm dominant wavelength, UV-free light
  • High setting is 506 Lux lm/m² and 230 µW/cm²
  • Low setting is 315 Lux lm/m² and 143 µW/cm²
Light pulse
50 to 166 hertz. Not suitable for those who suffer epilepsy or similar conditions.
Useful life
>10,000 hours
Integrated rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery, 3.7V, 200mAh
Battery life
Up to 4 hours
Technical warranty
1 year
English / Japanese
  • USB cable for charging battery via PC or USB compatible 5V wall socket
  • Premium embossed travel case
  • CE Mark, Class 2a medical device (Europe)
  • ARTG listed, Class 2a medical device (Australia)
  • ISO13485 Quality Manufacturing System

Re-Timer size diagram_small




  • Can I read or work whilst I use my Re-Timer?
    Yes. Re-Timer is designed to fit over your reading glasses. The light source is soft so that you are not inhibited from reading or working.
  • Is the light source safe for the eyes of an adult?
    Yes. Re-Timer has undergone independent ocular safety testing.

  • I suffer from an eye condition, can I use Re-Timer?
    If you suffer from a medical condition you should consult your doctor before using this product.
  • I am on a light sensitive (photosensitizing) medication, is it okay for me to use the light?Although Re-Timer does not produce the wavelengths that photosensitizing medications react to, we recommend that you avoid using any light therapy, and avoid excessive sunlight until you are no longer using photosensitizing medication.
  • Can I use the device more than once a day?
    For most people, it is sufficient to use Re-Timer once a day. We recommend you only use the device for 60 minutes or less each 24 hour period.
  • Can I re-charge my Re-Timer if I do not have a USB port for charging?
    Re-Timer comes with a USB cable for recharging. If you would like to re-charge your device from a wall outlet, you will need to obtain a wall adapter from your local retailer. Ensure you obtain a wall adapter which is compatible with the USB cable.
  • Am I allowed to take the lithium rechargeable battery on a plane?
    Yes. The battery used complies with international requirements for passenger hand luggage or stowed luggage containing a lithium battery. If you are carrying multiple Re-Timer’s with you, please check with airline to ensure this meets their rules. The battery cannot be removed from the product.
  • Will Re-Timer fit me?
    Re-Timer is designed to fit 95% of the population. If you have an average or slightly large or small head, Re-Timer will fit. The device has an adjustable nosepiece and is made from a material which flexes and contours to your head. This ensures it is stable and comfortable.

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