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ResMed AirMini Automatic CPAP Device

SKU: 38140
Get quality bedside therapy performance in the smallest portable auto CPAP machine! This price includes the AirMini device and power adapter only.

The AirMini works with ResMed's AirFit™ 20 series of full face (F20 and F30) or nasal (N20) masks, as well as with the ResMed AirFit P10 pillow mask. Please ensure you have one of these masks.

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Small in size, smart with features, and using proven algorithms, the AirMini solutions provide you with the quality therapy you’ve come to expect from ResMed.

What's included?

  • AirMini auto-adjusting CPAP machine: This compact AirMini CPAP device includes CPAP (fixed pressure) APAP (automatic) and APAP for Her modes. It uses the same algorithm that underpins ResMed’s AirSense CPAP machines, and offers features such as AutoRamp, Expiratory Pressure Relief plus Smart Start and Stop. The AirMini doesn’t have a screen. Instead ResMed have developed the AirMini smartphone app to activate the machine, update settings, manage comfort options and monitor your sleep. The AirMini controls are literally at your fingers through this app.

  • ResMed AirMini app (Download): Use the smartphone AirMini app to activate your machine, manage comfort options and monitor your sleep therapy progress online. This Bluetooth-enabled app (available for iPhone, iPad or Android devices) also allows you to monitor your therapy as well as make updates to the AirMini machine settings.

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Suitable masks
ResMed have developed a tube and connector with a built-in vent that’s made possible to make a device this small. To deliver quality performance at such a small size, these connectors will only work with ResMed’s AirFit™ series of full face (F20 and F30) or nasal (N20) masks, as well as with the ResMed AirFit P10 pillow mask. 

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  • *As of February 14, 2017
  • **Available on nasal and pillow options


Manufacturer ResMed
Colour White
Modes CPAP, AutoSet, AutoSet for Her
Pressure 4-20cm H2O
Sound pressure level (EN ISO 17510-1:2009) 29dB
Length 52mm
Width 84mm
Height 136mm
Weight 300g

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