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Transcend II Travel Auto Machine

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The Transcend travel Auto machine is a really small travelling APAP machine designed for travelling and travellers. It´s one of the smallest, lightest and most portable Automatic machine on the market.
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We are confident that you’ll love our range of sleep apnea therapy products. That’s why we offer a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee on CPAP Machines and Masks purchased from us. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we’ll offer you a full refund or exchange on your new machine or mask. Terms and conditions apply.

Q : Does this have a humidifier?

A : No as this is purely a travel machine. Humidifier would make it heavier.


Q : Can you get a certificate to certify that this can be used in aircraft travel both internationally and domestic long haul flights?

A : This machine is flight approved, I would just recommend keeping a copy of your prescription handy when travelling and maybe a letter from your doctor stating that you require the medical device


Q : Is there a warranty for the machine if bought on-line?

A : Yes, all manufacturer's warranties apply. All our machines are legitimately purchased and legal for sale in Australia. Remaining warranties also apply to our exDemo machines.


Q : Can this machine be plugged directly into mains power (240 or 120v)without the need for batteries?

A : Yes, the basic machine runs off mains. The batteries are available as an alternative power source if mains power is not available.


Q : Can the battery be charged from a car?

A : Yes, the Mobile Power Adaptor allows this. It is slower than mains power, but will recharge the battery.


Q : Does the car charger have a conventional cigarette lighter connection?

A : Yes


Q : Is this machine covered by health insurance?

A : You need to ask your health insurance company if you are covered for CPAP machines.


Q : How do I get the pressure changed after a titration study resulting in a different pressure needed?

A : Bring the machine and your new script to a clinic and we will do it for you at no charge.


Q : Does the Transcend II cpap come with a lead for connection to 240V outlet?

A : Yes, all Transcends are supplied with a mains power pack. The power pack is also used to recharge the P4 or P8 battery.


Q : Does the battery come with a cord to recharge from 240v ?

A : Yes it does.


Q : I travel to a friends holiday house on a number of times during the year and in 2016 I'm doing a European holiday incorporating a Mediterranean cruise. So I'm interested in a travel CPAP. Do you price match? My home model is a ResMed S9/H51 which I purchased from you?

A : Yes we do price match if you can supply an Australia quote/link.


Q : How essential is the humidifier?

A : Use of a humidifier is personal choice or recommended by your sleep physician. The machine works with or without a humidifier.


Q : Do you need a doctors prescription before you can purchase a chap machine?

A : Yes you do.


Q : Do you still need to see a doctor for a prescription if you are still on the machine?

A : It is advisable to, because lifestyle factors can contribute to pressure changes.


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